Weapons of our warfare

Weapons of our warfare.


Weapons of our warfare

The righteousness of God transferred to us enables us to withstand the attacks of satan a defeated foe of the Christians. Truly the life we now live in the flesh is the very life of Jesus Christ who love us and gave Himself for us, not in a selfish appropriation but a gracious acceptance of His promise to His beloved ones.  You were, the day you were born again (believing the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross for you personally who cannot save yourself), God the Father Himself qualified us not because of our qualifications but because of His own dear Son who did His will and pleased God the Father. To Him all honor & glory belong as He enable each one of us to be His minister of the gospel.    

He was wounded …

He was wounded for our transgression, By His stripes we are healed. The finished work of Christ sets us free and gives us a new nature. The redeemed man is alive again (man-is not a gender, it is a kind of species, just like birds, fish, cattle & other living creature on the planet)